A Symbol Of Mankind`s Bravest Purpose And Idealism.

Body cryopreservation (Cryonics) is an experimental medical procedure that aims to bring human beings back to life by creating an idea of a mankind`s future that has undergone a massive change and transformation, and by accessing the medical advances of the future.

Secure & Safe

Our Users Options

We offer tow types of account on the platform


  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality involves safeguarding sensitive.

  • Security

    Security is the practice of protecting individuals.

  • Health Investment

    Conducting Research and Tests for Health Issues.

  • Asset Custody Seriousness

    Storing All Assets of Processed Users Through Blockchain Technology.


  • Storage

    Data Storage in Cold Environments.

  • Ethical and Legal Guidance

    Guidance for institutions in the field of cryogenics.

  • Biomedical Research Collaboration

    Providing research opportunities in cryogenics to healthcare institutions.

  • Customizable Solutions

    Providing solution support for healthcare institutions.

Why Use Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is the most secure way to store data (Images, Files, etc.) that patients want to keep before they are frozen.
In addition, blockchain technology, which is the most secure data storage technology, will be able to use our crypto assets (CRYS) as its own personal fund asset after the awakening process.
The patient has the oppotunity to store their own images ( Video, Photo, etc. ) by making NFT upon request before the process.

  • Privacy and Security
  • Cost and Complexity
  • Immutable Data
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Interoperability
  • Energy Consumption

Live Token Market Updates

Stay Informed with Live Data and Analysis

Information About Tokens

  • Token NameCryonics (CRYS)
  • Nominal Price1 CRYS = 0,00014 BNB
  • Number of Tokens Produced 10 M CRYS
  • Unsold Tokens Burn Smart Contract
  • Type of the Token BEP - 20

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Payment0,1 BNB
  • Maximum Payment4 BNB
  • Soft Cap50 BNB
  • Hard Cap 200 BNB

Proof Of Audit

  • Does not need to enable trading
  • Cannot mint new tokens
  • Cannot blacklist addresses
  • Can set the sell fee to 0%
  • Cannot exclude from fees
  • Cannot pause the contract
  • Cannot set max transaction amount

Our Dedicated Team

Always ready our team to help you

Yavuz Alpay

Founder & CEO

Tolga Kaan Cinisli


Onur Akaylar

Founder & CMO

Yasin Özgürlük


Özgür Öztepe


Muhammed Zakir Batur

Marketing Manager

Kemal İstemil

Marketing Manger

Tuncer Kıran

Community Manager

Hüseyin Deniz

Blockchain Architect

Aydın Atalar

Community Manager

Nazife Gündoğar

Community Manager

Deniz Gölbucaklı

Community Manager


Cryonics Token Project Planning

Stage 1
Q3 - 2023

  • Website Launch
  • Preoairing For Launch
  • WhitePaper Launch
  • Token on BEP 20
  • Marketing
  • Pre Sale

Stage 2
Q4 - 2023

  • Community Interaction
  • List on Cex
  • Governance Model Implementation

Stage 3
Q1 - 2024

  • Privacy Enhancements
  • Developer Grants Program
  • Additional Scholarship payments

Stage 4
Q4 - 2024

  • Project Applications
  • NFT Identity Launch
  • Legal Process

Stage 5
Q1 - 2025

  • Collecting Body Freezing Requests
  • Contacting The Relevant Departments in Countries With Euthanasia
  • Agreements With Countries
  • Facility Planning

Stage 6
2026 - 2027

  • Set Up of Machines and Plant
  • Facility Construction
  • Activity Preparation
  • Start of Operation of The Facility and Freezing Operations

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